Ichthus Ministries began in 1985 as an off-campus Bible study for high school students in the North Dallas/Plano, Texas area. In 1988 Tom and Brenda Bailey expanded the ministry to include a combined Bible study for several area high schools. After getting to know the students at Bible study, it was evident that they needed to be discipled into the truth of God’s Word. In response to that need Ichthus expanded into several “one on one” and group discipleship sessions.  As we taught these students and understood their backgrounds and family issues, the more evident it became that there was a tremendous need for “family” counseling as well as one on one with the students.

In 1997 Tom Bailey closed his business to devote his full time and energy to Bible teaching, counseling and discipleship. Since then Ichthus Ministries has expanded its outreach to include, not only students, but singles and married adults as well.  Many times Tom made the statement that “we are a culture of scripturally illiterate Believers.”
These are challenging times and we need to be prepared for what lies ahead. Knowledge of the Word of God is powerful when applied to our daily lives.  Ichthus Ministries is dedicated to teaching, and counseling, effectively, the truth of God’s Word and it’s principles in a manner that is applicable to today’s culture.

Ichthus Ministries is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) ministry that relies on personal contributions and limited grants. All gifts are tax deductible subject to IRS guidelines.


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