The last part of Acts chapter 2 provides an inside look at the early church gathered together. Many times people take this picture of the early church and try to make church like it today or judge their church because it’s not like that.

This passage is descriptive, but not necessarily prescriptive.  Meaning, that the passage describes how the early church operated immediately after Pentecost but does not command that the church operate the same way in the future.  There are important parts of this passage that we should learn from without trying to fit our round church into this square hole.

The thrust of the passage is that the church is together. This is not just a physical idea, but spreads to all facets of life. They were together in their beliefs based on learning and growing together under the apostle’s teaching. They sold goods and distributed as needed recognizing that God is provider. God provides some an abundance so that they may be a blessing for those that are without.

The church eats together. Everyone eats. It’s part of everyday life. Eating together reminds the church of many things. One is that God has provided. Another is our mortality. If we do not eat we will not continue to live. Eating together should be a worshipful experience if we do it in light of God and not our own selfish desires.

Obviously this ability to be together was supernaturally supported. Anytime you get people together you are gathering sinners. When sinners gather, even if they are believers, conflict happens. People are messy. Sin is messy. Therefore the ability to gather together is completely dependent on believers actively living out the gospel. Believers must continually walk in confession and repentance to gather as a church and walk together.

Lastly people were added. People were not added because of what the church did, but because of what God did within the church. When God transforms people it allows them to have community with one another that was not possible before.