Right in the middle of Acts 2 we get a sermon from the Apostle Peter.  The Holy Spirit falls on the church in dramatic fashion and the world notices immediately. As soon as the crowd gathers Peter opens his mouth and the Holy Spirit provides the voice.

Peter preaches the gospel. He doesn’t sugar coat. He doesn’t do a dance or dramatic interpretation.  Peter quotes from the Old Testament and then ties the events written about long ago to the very time they were experiencing. Scripture was living and active.

Then Peter tells them they killed Jesus. And Jesus was Lord. He preaches repentance, trust in Christ as a redemption of sins, and baptism. Simple message. The same message we are to preach today.

The Spirit moved. People were convicted. And with the work of the Spirit they received the words and were saved.

The crowds are gathering. Will we be obedient to open our mouths? Will we preach the gospel?