In Acts 1 we encounter a scene that is not talked about much.  When they come back to the upper room they choose a disciple to replace Judas. It’s an interesting text and I want to focus on one aspect. 

Scripture says they were worshipping and praying in one accord when Peter spoke to the group. Peter quotes from the Psalms. He quotes them as speaking about Judas and what they should do now. Don’t miss this point because it shows us insight into how the disciples viewed scriptures. Somehow Peter knew that the Old Testament could speak directly into their current lives, that it could be taken as prophesy. He also quoted a part that instructed them to fulfill the role that Judas once did. 

Then the disciples prayed to the Lord and cast lots between two men who had walked with them from the beginning. The lot fell on Matthias.

What does this teach us about Scripture?  The disciples had a supernatural trust in the Word of God. They believed it spoke specifically to present situations. The greater realization may be that the way they read Scripture should teach us what they believed about the God who created it.