Everyone is committed to something. Even if your goal was to commit to nothing, you have a commitment to that end. Society today likes to point out the lack of commitment by the newer generations. They may point to people waiting longer to marry or the rise of divorce. I don’t know that we have a commitment problem.  We have a problem in that we too easily commit to that which can never sustain or uphold us.

Our sins of selfishness and pride lead to an unbridled commitment to self and preservation of our happiness. If the weight of our commitment is to self then we will center our lives on self and make decisions accordingly. A commitment to self will cause us to pursue anything that feeds our glorification of self and to destroy anything that dares compete with that pursuit. Friendship will be pursued with a commitment to building self and once that friendship stops serving the purpose of building our own ego we will unfriend them.

Just as there is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ, we can have no true commitment apart from Him either. Nothing in this world can make us clean. Nothing can reconcile us to God, but Christ. Therefore a commitment to anything not held by a commitment to Christ is in jeopardy. When we are saved Christ calls us to a commitment to Him alone. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6 that we are bought with a price and to glorify God with our body. In the same way once we are saved we are called to filter all commitment through the lens of our commitment to Christ or rather His commitment to us.

In Genesis 15 God cuts a covenant with Abram. Animals are slaughtered and God promises Abram blessings. God himself comes down and walks between the slaughtered animals symbolizing that God be slaughtered if He fails to uphold His covenant to him. Fast forward to the new testament and we see the new covenant of Christ whose body is broken and blood is spilt for our sins. Christ became the perfect sacrifice, becoming sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God.

Our commitment is built and molded in the commitment of our God to provide a way of reconciliation. The way of reconciliation was the sacrifice of the Son. He committed His life to us and we are in turn to commit ours to Him.

We do not fear commitment because we have a faithful God who began a good work in us and will bring it to completion.  Evaluate your life today and ask yourself where your commitment is. Find out where you are committed to self and ask God to destroy those commitments to self and give you an undying commitment to Him alone. Ask God today to reengineer your life in such a way that you are committed to Him and what He calls you to commit to. Our God is a covenant God and He has called us to be a covenant people.