Last Monday night the men’s bible study started a new series on Fear. We used the familiar story of Jesus calming the storm as a launching point for our discussion. In Mark 4 we read the story of the disciples and Christ traveling by boat when a great storm overtook them. It says Jesus was sleeping on a cushion, the disciples were afraid, and they woke Jesus up.  Jesus promptly orders it to stop and the sea becomes like glass. At this point the disciples became fearful again asking who was Jesus that the wind and waves obeyed Him.

There is healthy fear and unhealthy fear in our lives. It is healthy to fear God. It is unhealthy to fear created things over God. Many things cause us to fear. Every human being is different. We all have the capacity to treat created things as God and to fear them. It could be that our lack of trust in the Lord leads us to fear things like failure, rejection, or the future. 

Here are some questions to think about as we go through this series: What different things cause fear?, How willing are we to admit our fears?, Are there things that are socially acceptable to be afraid of?, How do humans react when they are fearful?, How do our fears affect our daily lives?, Does your fear have spiritual ties and does it rob you from experiencing the fullness of God?

We will be talking about fear for the next month or month and a half on Monday nights. If you are a guy stop by and see us. You can also follow the teaching here on the blog.