In the second chapter of Ruth we get to know the character of Ruth and Boaz.  Ruth and Naomi are now in Bethlehem and need food to eat.  So Ruth sets out to collect grain that has been left behind as the reapers are gathering the harvest.  Scripture tells us that Ruth just happens upon the field that belongs to Boaz revealing God’s sovereign hand in the story.  Boaz asks his men about the woman gathering.  Ruth shows that she has initiative and is not afraid to work hard.  She does not sit at home hoping God will drop food in her lap. 

Boaz speaks to Ruth and tells her that she should only gather in his field.  He has grace upon her.  He tells her the grace is from God.  Ruth is shocked because she has nothing to offer and is a foreigner.  Boaz does not take advantage of her destitute state.  Instead he sees it as an opportunity to be a man of God.  God had blessed him greatly, so he decided to use those blessings for God’s glory.

Ruth chapter 2 shows us two people who have placed their faith in God and are living according to his commands.  Their lives intersect, they both exhibit biblical character, and Boaz is able to meet the needs of Ruth out of his abundance.  God is always moving.  How does God want to display his grace through you this week?