The beauty of Scripture…that it’s power never fades…that Life is spoken through the Word each time I read it, no matter how many times I have read it before…this week I have been taken back to a couple of Scriptures that have had a profound effect on my life…I was looking back over some of my writings/prayers and came across a passage that I was really praying through as I journeyed in finding the Lord’s will during a specific season of my life…This being written some time ago…I feel closer to being at this point than I ever have before — yet still so much further to go to be able to confidently proclaim this longing within the depths of me. As the beauty of Scripture is revealed this girl is continually humbled at the more that I have to unravel and discover about the majesty of my King and wretchedness of my human nature.
“If only I could stand before my family, my colleagues, my roommates, my coworkers, my church body, my peers, my enemies…if only I could fall at my King’s feet and boldly proclaim Paul’s honest reflections in Acts 20:18-35….As I continue to journey and wander from earthly city to earthly city, I am determined to be able to speak Paul’s meek words…Based on how I have always lived before men and among men – each will know that I sought to wholly serve he Lord with all humility. In the midst of the tears and endless trials as I chose to strive with fallen man…still I withheld nothing that might profit your soul; instead I proclaimed it loudly in the crowded marketplace and within my own home. I testified to all peoples, I continually spoke of the beauty of repentance toward God and the joy of running in faith toward my Beloved. The Holy Spirit has bound me so that I must continue forth to a new city – so that all might know. All I have is the Holy Spirit, it is only He that goes with me…it is not I, but the Spirit that testifies all things. I was fully aware of the the chains that would attempt to take me captive and of the countless tribulations that would await me always. But it simply did not detour my passionate longing to speak on behalf of my Bridegroom. My life doesn’t carry any worth in this city, it means nothing to me. All I want is to finish this race with joy unspeakable. I am here for the ministry of love, to testify the wondrous Gospel of Grace. I must keep moving onward…I must tell all. I am innocent of the blood of all men, only because I have chosen to declare the love, mercy, and justice of my Jesus. I have warned, faithfully warned my brethren of the schemes of the evil one. I did not covet any others’ wealth or possessions. Instead I trusted the Jesus I was serving to provide for me only that which is necessary. I have demonstrated to you by all that I do and say – that it is my great joy and my reward to support and love those that are the weakest. It is not I, but our Savior who declares, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.””

Read Acts 20 for yourself. Forget my words. Make it your own prayer.