Hello everyone the news this week is that we will have a new blogger posting here soon, Katie Tucker.  Tom used to talk about divine arrivals and divine departures.  It was his way of describing how God sovereignly brought people into your life or removed them.  In it Tom always highlighted God’s sovereign goodness by bringing people into our lives or ministries that can sharpen or challenge us.  Or if need be God can move people out of our lives for His glory.

By God’s hand Katie came to live with Brenda this summer as a divine arrival while she was doing an internship for college.  It’s impossible to be in the Bailey house and not become part of what Ichthus is doing.  In the short time I have known Katie I have seen a passion for international and inter-city missions.  Lastly today January 7th is Katie’s birthday so you can wish her happy birthday in the comments.

Our hope for this blog is that it can present all the different facets of Ichthus’ ministry.  We want to make sure that we continue to speak to men, women, believers, and those who have not yet begun to follow Christ.  We are thankful for Katie’s willingness to write here and look forward to how God will continue to use her for His glory.